DIY Family Fun: Craft and Activity Ideas for Spruce Grove Winters

December 19, 2023

Winter has arrived in Spruce Grove, bringing with it cold and snowy weather. ❄️ While you may not be spending as much time outdoors, there are plenty of fun indoor activities to enjoy. Why not show off your artistic skills by creating your own holiday decorations? 🎄 It’s a great way to spend quality time with your family and maybe even start a new annual tradition in your new Prescott Community Home! To get everyone in the festive mood, try playing some holiday music, enjoying some hot apple cider and treats, and getting crafty by the fireplace. Read our guide below!

Fun Winter Projects and Activities For Kids

Kids love fun DIY projects, and the idea of a creative craft is even more exciting during the holiday season. These activities and crafts for kids are sure to hold their attention and are a great way to create wonderful memories that will last a lifetime.  

1. Design Your Own Holiday Cards 💌 

If you’re looking for a project that’s fun and easy to do, why not get creative and make your own holiday cards? Friends and family members will love receiving these personalized tokens. You can use regular household items to make your cards, such as cotton balls or rice grains stuck on coloured paper to mimic the look of snow. You can create other textured decorations by cutting shapes from old clothes and magazines. Your limit is your imagination!

2. Create Homemade Holiday Decorations ✨ 

No matter what Holidays you’re celebrating, it’s always fun making your own decorations for these festive events. We suggest visiting your local art store and buying craft paper, glitter, and lots of glue. Try making your own light garland by using yarn and colourful pom poms or build paper chains, with bright shiny paper. 

3. Use Home-Made Gift Wrap 🎁 

Skip the shiny rolls of wrapping paper this year by making your own wrapping paper this year. Paint over newspaper or repurpose brown paper shopping bags. You can also try your hand at Furoshiki, the Japanese art of gift wrapping, which uses towels, pillowcases, and fun fabrics instead of paper. 

4. Make Fun Holiday Treats 🧁 

Getting creative and making kid-friendly food is a great way to delight the youngsters in your home. Make colourful fruit rocket skewers for a fun and festive New Year’s treat. Dip sugar cones in white chocolate and coat them with colourful sugar so they look like party blowers. You can also make a holiday snack mix by coating various cereals with white chocolate for a sweet and crispy treat! 

Have Fun in the Snow ☃️ 

When you need to take a break, bundle up and head outside! Go for a wintery walk or start a new neighbourhood tradition by holding a snowman competition. This is a great way to meet and mingle with your neighbours and be active and creative at the same time. You can also try building a snow fort or a dinosaur or create your own Jurassic Park!

Enjoy the Best of the Season in the Prescott Community

There are so many fun winter activities to do at home and in the community of Spruce Grove’s Prescott. We’ve built our modern community with your modern family in mind. If you’d like to learn more about our stunning homes and our community amenities, schedule an appointment with us or vist our showhomes!


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