Prescott’s Guide to Ensure Warmth and Winter Safety in Your Home

January 18, 2024

As the winter months grow colder, it’s time to prepare your home against harsh winter days and potential power disruptions. Our recommendations offer you a more in-depth look at the key elements to consider when winterizing your Prescott home!

Non-electrical Heating Sources

When the power goes out, having a reliable non-electrical heating source can be a lifesaver. Explore options like portable propane heaters that are easily available in nearby hardware stores and can be used during emergencies, emphasizing safe fuel storage and usage.

Nearby hardware stores include:

Walmart Superstore

Canadian Tire

Home Depot

Fireplace Efficiency

Your fireplace can serve as an excellent alternative heating source, but it requires careful maintenance. Ensure your chimney is clean and in good condition to avoid fire hazards, and stock up on firewood, keeping it properly stored.

Addressing Exterior Vulnerabilities

Winter weather can take a toll on your home’s exterior, so conduct a thorough inspection before the snowfall. Check for any weather roof damage, clear gutters to prevent ice dams, and address safety concerns with handrails, steps, and walkways.

Furnace Optimization

A well-functioning furnace is essential for staying warm during winter! Inspect it for leaks, test for carbon monoxide, and adopt a regular air filter replacement routine. Consider installing a programmable thermostat for energy efficiency.

Battling Drafts

Drafts around windows and doors can make your home feel chilly and increase energy costs. Seal these areas with weather stripping, caulk drafts around baseboards, and replace old door seals and sweeps to minimize heat loss.

Leveraging Ceiling Fans

Beyond cooling, ceiling fans can be your ally in winter too! Set them on low and in a clockwise rotation to distribute warm air downward, ensuring a more evenly heated space.

Insulation Check

Adequate insulation is key to preventing heat loss and maintaining a warm home. Assess and enhance insulation in critical areas such as the attic and basement, and don’t forget to protect exposed pipes outside!

Emergency Preparedness

Be one step ahead and ready for potential power outages by assembling a comprehensive emergency kit! Make sure to include a 3-day supply of essentials, from non-perishable food and water to pet supplies, along with flashlights, batteries, blankets, and a first aid kit — just in case!


It never hurts to be prepared! By following these detailed steps, you can ensure your home is well-prepared for winter, providing not just warmth but also safety in the face of unexpected events. Embrace the season with confidence, and make your home a cozy haven in the middle of the winter chill.

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