Creating a Cozy Home: Interior Design Tips for Spruce Grove Families

October 17, 2023

As the seasons change, it’s a great time to spruce up the inside of your home, especially as we head into the cooler months! Making a cozy environment you’ll love coming home to after a long day at work or a full day at the ice rink is easier than you might think. Whether you’re ready to makeover an entire room or rearrange your furniture, here are some helpful interior design ideas to make your home a cozy retreat in our cozy corner of Spruce Grove, Alberta.

Choose a Warm Color Palette 🎨 

Did you know that the colours in your surroundings impact your mood? Simple colour changes allow you to play with your space from season to season. While you could repaint your walls every year, the easier switch is to bring out seasonal accents, such as blankets, pillows, and decor. Warm, earthy tones can be a neutral backdrop, no matter the time of year. Adding warm beiges, soft yellows, and soft greens can help create a cozy atmosphere in the fall before the holidays’ wave of gold, red, and glitter. Swapping accessories every season is also incredibly refreshing!

Select Comfortable Furniture 🛋 

Your furniture plays a big part in how your space looks. Investing in plush chairs or sofas will help make your space cozier, but there are tricks to achieve this without buying new furniture pieces. Adding soft, plush pillows and throws to your existing furniture can make your living space more inviting. 

Moving furniture is an even simpler way to achieve a new look and feel. Rearranging your seating can also improve your space by putting the focus on connection and interactions rather than on televisions. Putting an accent coffee table in the centre of your seating makes it easy to gather with friends and family over a hot cup of coffee or a glass of wine for any occasion. Centring your furniture around the fireplace helps make your living space extra cozy on those cold winter evenings. 

Use Layered Lighting 💡 

The lighting in a room also affects the ambience, which is where layered lighting comes in as a strategy to give you the light you need for different settings. Overhead fixtures can give you the brightness you need to complete important tasks or piece together that puzzle during the holidays. Floor lamps, table lamps, dimmers, and even string lights allow you to adjust the lighting levels to suit your mood throughout the day and night, especially as the nights grow longer. 

Add Personal Touches and Natural Elements 🪴 

Any space feels instantly cozier when you personalize the space and add elements of the outdoors to the inside. Consider a natural wreath on your doors or a centrepiece for your dining table to infuse some greenery. Choose wooden bowls, photo frames, and home decor to make your space feel warmer and look great. Indoor plants are another way to add life and a rustic touch to your home. 

Discover Our Cozy Custom Homes and Spruce Grove Builders 🏡 

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