5 Tips for Organizing Your Garage

June 22, 2023

Your garage is an often ignored and overlooked space when it comes to organizing and cleaning, yet it’s the place where some of your most used possession live. It’s the home of your vehicles and toys. It’s also the place to store valued treasures, sporting gear, tools, and more. This summer or any time you’re focused on cleaning out your home, spend some time organizing your garage with these five tips. 

1. Unique Storage Solutions

Garage spaces need large storage solutions suited for rougher conditions, such as water, mud, or colder temperatures. Even if you have a heated garage, the conditions of your space are not going to be the same as your cozy living room. This calls for efficient, industrial-style storage solutions. Try peg boards to keep tools visible and off the floor or counters. Need storage bins? Try clear ones to easily spot seasonal decor from sporting goods and camping gear. 

2. Maximize Vertical Space

Whether you have a 1, 2, or 3-car garage, your space has a limit to it. Most garages have high ceilings, making it the ideal area to maximize vertical space. Try lifting bicycles, kayaks, or other lighter-weight toys off the ground by hanging them high on the walls or from the ceiling. This leaves you more floor space and prevents you from tripping over multiple items in and around your vehicles. 

3. Create a Floor Plan

You likely park your vehicles in the same spot in your garage, so why not create a floor plan and outline the space you park in? This provides a visible zone where your vehicle is, so you know where you can park other items, such as a motorbike, ATV, e-bike, or other larger storage item. Marking your parking spot on the ground or hanging a windshield marker to know where to stop your vehicle can help you manage your space. 

4. Choose a Shelving Unit

How many times have you organized and filled a closed cabinet only to forget what you put inside there? Due to the nature of items stored in your garage, closed cabinets are magnets for attracting boxes you forget about. We recommend trying open shelves paired with clear containers, so you know exactly what you’re storing and where. Storage left in the open also encourages you to stay organized for longer.  

5. Put Items in Storage

Do you collect vintage cars? Have several recreational vehicles for each season? Consider placing some in a secure storage facility to free up space at your home. There are several storage places to suit your need for garage organization in Spruce Grove. 

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